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Operator Without a Transport Manager for 6 Months Successful in Application for Increase at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - November 2020

This Operator, represented by Helen Newbold, was called in to a Public Inquiry after submitting a variation to increase their standard national licence from 4 – 8 vehicles. On assessing the application, the OTC found that the operator had been operating for a period of 6 months without a transport […]


Our client, a dealer-franchise for a major European manufacturer, had two 500-points penalties imposed against them by the DVSA following the discovery of serious misconduct committed by one of their employees. As is usually the case, a single 500-point penalty means Single-Offence Cessation of the Secretary of State’s Authorisation as […]

Tachograph Calibration Manipulated – Operator Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - October 2020

Laura Newton appeared before the Traffic Commissioner representing an Operator who had received an unsatisfactory Desk Based Assessment and where it had been found that the tachograph calibration in one vehicle had been manipulated to allow a higher speed tolerance. Following evidence being challenged from the DVSA Examiner and the […]

Transport Manager Keeps Good Repute after Being Deceived by Operator and Drivers - October 2020

Our Transport Solicitor Laura Newton represented a Transport Manager at Public Inquiry. It was alleged and subsequently found that during his time as Transport Manager, the Operator and driver had manipulated the tachograph and created false records for a sustained period and over 50 occasions. We were able to demonstrate […]

£13,000 of Civil Penalties for Clandestine Entrants Removed by Border Force - October 2020

Laura Newton represented a Company and Driver where Civil Penalties had been imposed in relation to 12 clandestine entrants being found in the vehicle when it entered the UK. A Notice of Objection was submitted for each penalty and we were able to demonstrate that the requirements of the Border […]

Multiple Drivers Hours Offences – Operator Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - October 2020

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, was running a large number of vehicles on a restricted licence. The Director delegated the transport side of the business to a number of properly qualified people who he thought would be able to run the operation compliantly. […]

Wheel Loss on School Bus – Operator Escapes with Warning and Transport Manager Keeps Repute at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - October 2020

The operator in this case, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer at Public Inquiry, suffered a wheel loss on a coach with schoolchildren on board. The operator immediately began an investigation into the causes of the wheel loss. They instructed a competent transport consultant to finesse their systems. They commissioned two […]

Using a Mobile Phone GPS in an LGV- Driver escapes with 1-week suspension at Driver Conduct Hearing - September 2020

This driver was represented by Millicent Dooher, barrister, having been observed using his mobile telephone whilst behind the wheel of an LGV. It was the Driver’s case that he was using the GPS only. By bringing the most recent cases on mobile telephone use in vehicles to the attention of […]

Driver Convicted of Mobile Phone Offence and Speeding Given a Written Warning at Driver Conduct Hearing - September 2020

Barrister, Millicent Dooher, represented this driver after he was called in following a conviction for a mobile telephone offence and a speeding offence in an LGV. The Traffic Commissioner accepted that the Driver understood the severity of his actions and was pleased the Driver had acquired legal assistance. Given the […]

Company with Card Pulling Drivers Escapes Revocation at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - September 2020

This company, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, had been visited DVSA in November 2019. The traffic examiner had found that a number of drivers had been committing drivers’ hours offences including a number of instances of “card pulling.” Little had been done between DVSA visit and the call […]

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