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Operator’s Licence Granted After Legal Entity Questions Answered Satisfactorily at Preliminary Hearing - December 2018

This operator, represented by Barrister Helen Newbold, was called into the Office of the Traffic Commissioner for a preliminary hearing on their application for an Operator’s Licence. The operator had recently merged two companies, who were operating as sole traders, into a single limited company. When applying for a new […]

O Licence Granted to Applicant Despite Patchy Business History - November 2018

Our client, represented by transport solicitor Chris Powell, had been the director of a company which had held an operator’s licence. That company had faced a number of bad debts and entered liquidation. In short order, a new company was established to take over the customers of the business. That […]

SBC Helps Operator to Pass Business on to Next Generation - November 2018

SBC Transport Lawyers were approached by a sole trader operator licence holder. After receiving an unfortunate medical diagnosis, the operator was keen to ensure that the business could be passed on to the next generation and sought advice from transport solicitor Chris Powell on how this may best be effected. […]

Short Suspension for Making a False Record -

Having represented this HGV driver at the Magistrates’ Court in respect of one count of knowingly making a false record, barrister Helen Newbold was asked to represent him again at his driver conduct hearing. Helen took the driver through his evidence so the Deputy Traffic Commissioner could understand fully the […]

Operator Keeps Licence and Transport Managers Repute Held in Abeyance - November 2018

Helen Newbold, barrister, represented both the operator and the transport manager at Public Inquiry. The call-in letter highlighted issues around maintenance records and lack of robust driver defect reporting and training. Taking both the operator and transport manager through their oral and documentary evidence, Helen was able to demonstrate to […]

Double Trouble – Driver Faces Magistrates and Traffic Commissioner in the Same Week - November 2018

This driver, represented by Harry Bowyer, was caught by the DVSA pulling his tachograph card on 5 occasions. He was prosecuted and was at real risk of being committed to the Crown Court and a custodial sentence. In mitigation he was able to show through text messages that he had […]

Northern Ireland Haulier Not Guilty in £3m Tachograph Fraud Trial - October 2018

Following an intensive and long-running DVA investigation, a commercial Operator and a number of his drivers were charged with offences of conspiring to falsify tachograph records. The allegations spanned a period of some 17-years, concerned cross-Europe haulage work and, on the least favourable outcome, would have resulted in a confiscation […]

“Change of Entity” Confusion Leads to Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - October 2018

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, decided to change his business from that of a sole trader to a Limited Company. He contacted the Office of the Traffic Commissioner to change the name of the business, failing to realise that the change in entity […]

Another Restricted Licence in Trouble at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry – New Licence Granted - October 2018

Harry Bowyer represented this operator at Public Inquiry. The Operator’s accountants had advised that the Operator should consolidate his companies to save costs which led to the company with the O Licence being wound down. The Operator continued to blithely operate the vehicle carrying goods belonging to the other companies […]

£22,500 worth of London Low Emission Zone Penalties Cancelled - October 2018

This large European haulier had incurred £22,500 in London Low Emission Zone penalties. These fines had been incurred after trucks belonging the company had been operated in the Low Emission Zone over several weeks. UK transport lawyer Chris Powell, of Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers was contacted. Chris Powell […]

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