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HGV Loses Two Wheels at Roundabout – No Regulatory Action at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - August 2019

This operator, represented by barrister Helen Newbold, was called to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry following an incident where his HGV lost two wheels whilst negotiating a roundabout. Thankfully no-one was injured nor any damage caused when the wheels parted company with the vehicle however the operator had to face […]

Card Pulling Drivers Lead Operator to Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - August 2019

This Operator, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in as his drivers were pulling their cards in order to get home early. The Transport Manager had been given additional duties which affected his ability to have continuous and effective control of the transport operations. As a […]

Card Pulling Driver (14 times) Escapes Prison - August 2019

This driver, represented at the Crown Court by Barrister Harry Bowyer, was committed for sentence on 14 charges of “pulling his card.” Drivers in this position are at real risk of immediate prison sentences. In the leading case of R v Saunders; R v Hockings; R v Williams [2001] EWCA […]

Successful Appeal Against Sentence to the Crown Court (Road Traffic (New Drivers) Act 1995) - August 2019

The driver in this appeal, represented by barrister, Harry Bowyer, had been sentenced for careless driving which involved the imposition of 7 penalty points. The driver had crashed into a car from behind whilst distracted by banging noises coming from his trailer. It was plain that the Magistrates had no […]

Using Phone Behind the Wheel – Suspension Reduced from Starting Point at Driver Conduct Hearing - August 2019

This driver, represented at the driver conduct hearing by barrister, Harry Bowyer, pleaded guilty when the Single Justice Procedure Notice arrived after he was caught using his mobile whilst driving an HGV. As a result of this conviction and the 6 penalty points accrued as a result the driver was […]

Simon Clarke Interviewed on Sky News about Increased Powers to Highways Officers in Case of No Deal Disruption at Dover - July 2019

Simon Clarke, barrister at SBC, was approached by Sky News to give an interview on this news story which went out on the 31st July 2019. His easy expertise and confident demeanour is often sought by the media to bring trucking issues to life!

HGV Driver Avoids Revocation for Fraudulent Behaviour at Driver Conduct Hearing - July 2019

Martin Smith, specialist road transport solicitor, represented a vocational licence holder at a driver conduct hearing. The driver had obtained, but never used, a vocational licence prior to gaining employment in an office. Although he had not undertaken his driver CPC training and did not have a driver CPC card, […]

HGV Driver Keeps Vocational (HGV) Entitlement at Driver Conduct Hearing - July 2019

Martin Smith, specialist road transport law solicitor, represented a vocational licence holder at a driver conduct hearing who had received 10 points on his driving licence for an offence of failing to provide a specimen of breath. The licence holder was a mechanic and required his vocational entitlement in order […]

Tachograph Offences – Driver Receives Small Fine - July 2019

An Owner/Operator, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, pleaded guilty to the offences alleged in his Single Justice Procedure Notice (SJPN). By going through the infringements it was possible to demonstrate that these were all of a minor nature. The Chairman of the Bench wished the driver good luck in the […]

Careless Driving Not Far Short of Dangerous Driving – HGV Driver Keeps his Licence - July 2019

Helen Newbold, specialist road transport barrister, represented this driver in the Magistrates’ Court where he pleaded guilty to a charge driving without due care and attention, in other words careless driving. The Magistrates watched CCTV of his HGV clipping one car causing it to hit another writing both vehicles off […]

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