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Licence Retained After “Compliance Fell off a Cliff.” - October 2019

This Operator was called into his second Public Inquiry in 5 years. He was represented by Harry Bowyer at both Public Inquiries. After surviving the first Public inquiry the Operator, who had a restricted licence, was under the care of a first rate transport consultant who oversaw the transport team […]

Both Licences Saved After Two Companies Operate for a Year without a Transport Manager After Death of Transport Manager - October 2019

In this case two brothers, each of whom had an operator’s licence and each represented by Harry Bowyer, continued to operate after their father, who was also their transport manager, died. Neither notified the Office of the Traffic Commissioner of the death of the Transport Manager and neither applied for […]

Operator with a 49% Overload Survives Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - October 2019

The operator in this case, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, operated both HGVs and a fleet of vans. One of the vans was stopped en route to Scotland groaning under a load that was 49% in excess of what it should have been – a most serious infringement! […]

Operator with Poor Maintenance Record and Poor Document Retention Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry. - October 2019

The Operator in this matter, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer, brought themselves to the attention of the Office of the Traffic Commissioner by a flurry of prohibitions including an impressive “S” marked prohibition for a completely bald tyre with the cords exposed. The resulting Traffic Examiner’s Operator Report (TEOR – […]

Operator Operating Under Exemption Successfully Applies for Operator’s Licence - October 2019

This operator, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, was operating HGVs under the “plant” exemption. They were scrupulous in abiding by the regulations that would have applied had they been operating under a licence. They wanted to bring themselves within the operator licensing regime in order that they could […]

Licence Allowed to Continue as Licence Lending Suspicions Not Proven - September 2019

Harry Bowyer, Road Transport Barrister, represented this operator who was suspected of lending his licence to another operator. The operator was able to show that throughout the relevant period he had been maintaining the vehicle and downloading the vehicle unit and relevant driver cards. The Traffic Commissioner stated that he […]

Licence Allowed to Continue After Unsatisfactory Maintenance Investigation - September 2018

Martin Smith, specialist road transport lawyer, represented the holder of a standard licence at a Public Inquiry. The haulier had a high MOT test failure rate and had been called in for a Public Inquiry following a number of unsatisfactory DVSA maintenance investigations which took place following the issue of […]

PSV Operator’s Licence granted at Public Inquiry in just 7 minutes. - September 2019

Helen Newbold, specialist road transport law barrister, represented the applicant for a restricted PSV licence. The applicant had failed to provide the information requested during the application process and after being given a number of opportunities by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, was informed that the application would be […]

HGV as Personal Transport Lands Operator at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - September 2019

Harry Bowyer appeared at Public Inquiry in this matter which involved an Operator with one truck who was also his own Transport Manager and Driver. He began using his tractor unit to travel from his operating centre to his mother’s address and parking at a nearby industrial estate. These journeys […]

HGV Loses Two Wheels at Roundabout – No Regulatory Action at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - August 2019

This operator, represented by barrister Helen Newbold, was called to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry following an incident where his HGV lost two wheels whilst negotiating a roundabout. Thankfully no-one was injured nor any damage caused when the wheels parted company with the vehicle however the operator had to face […]

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