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Operator Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry Despite “S” Marked Prohibition and Furloughed Transport Manager - February 2021

The operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in after he acquired an “S” marked prohibition on his trailer. In the subsequent investigation it became apparent that he had furloughed his Transport Manager for most of the last year. On investigation he actually […]

CPS Offer No Evidence in Van Driver’s Dangerous Driving Case - February 2021

The defendant, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, was charged with dangerous driving arising out of a police chase. The defendant denied that he was the driver. The case against him relied upon an “identification” by a police officer who purported to identify the defendant as the driver as the van […]

Operator Keeps Licence and Obtains Increase in Authorised Vehicles After Unsatisfactory Desk Based Assessment - February 2021

This operator/transport manager, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in after he had failed to comply with undertakings made at a Senior Team Leader’s meeting which, along with a request to increase his authorisation by over 100%, triggered a DVSA desk based assessment which threw up […]

Northern Ireland Operator’s Licence Granted After 3-Years Delay - January 2021

Our client in this case had originally applied for an LGV Operators’ Licence in March 2017.  In April 2020, following an unexplained delay of 2-years waiting for the DVA to action his application, our rather patient client contacted us for help. Unfortunately we then had the Covid-19 Lockdown and so […]

Operator Called in Owing to Disqualified Director Being Appointed – Licence Allowed to Continue - January 2021

This operator, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in as the new director had just finished a 12 month disqualification. It was apparent that the new director had been operating a company for some time during the course of his disqualification. Whilst the director had attended the Public […]

Civil Penalties Completely Cancelled Following Appeal Hearing at the County Court - January 2021

Millicent Dooher, barrister, successfully appealed the civil penalties imposed on this owner/operator/driver. Penalties had been imposed on this sole trader after 11 clandestine entrants were found within an LGV travelling to the UK. Representations were made at the County Court at an on line hearing and it was accepted by […]

Controlled Revocation Allows Sufficient Time for Application for New Licence Without Break to Business - January 2021

This operator, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in owing to an unsatisfactory Traffic Examiner’s report. The problem was based on the transport manager allowing compliance to slip owing to his own personal problems. The operator should have noticed that the operation was not compliant but failed […]

Transport Manager Acquitted on 21 Charges Has No Action Taken on His Good Repute by Traffic Commissioner - January 2021

After his acquittals and successful appeal to the Crown Court the Traffic Commissioner requested written submissions as to the underlying conduct of this Transport Manager, represented throughout by barrister Harry Bowyer. After seeing the detailed written submissions submitted by SBC the Traffic Commissioner wrote to the Transport Manager to say […]

Transport Manager Maintains Good Repute Following Public Inquiry - January 2021

Having been called to the Traffic Commissioner, this Transport Manager, represented by barrister Millicent Dooher,  was able to maintain her good repute despite failings with the maintenance of the vehicles and questions being raised about the Transport Manager’s continuous and effective control throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Following evidence and representations […]

Successful Appeal To the Upper Tribunal Against Cabotage Breach Vehicle Seizure - January 2021

The Appellant in this case, an international finance house specialising in financing Large Goods Vehicles, were the owners of a vehicle leased to an international haulage operator based out of Ireland. In late-2019 the vehicle was seized by DVSA for breach of Cabotage regulations and in due course a Public […]

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