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Managed Revocation Keeps Operator in The Industry - May 2019

It was plain that the Operator in this case was in difficulties. He and his family were operating three separate companies, each with its own Operator’s Licence. The Companies had become hopelessly enmeshed with each other and it had become obvious to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner that they […]

PSV Operator Allowed to Keep Contract Services Running Despite Suspension at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry! - April 2019

Specialist Transport Barrister Helen Newbold represented this operator at Public Inquiry after he was called in when a driver failed to stop for the DVSA when requested. A subsequent DVSA visit identified issues surrounding drivers hours, in particular Working Time Directive recording and breaches, maintenance and driver reporting. The Operator […]

“Fronting” Concerns Allayed at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - April 2019

The Operator in this case, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer, had his application for an Operator’s Licence referred to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry. The problems arose because the Transport Manager had been on a previous licence after it had been revoked and this had not been declared on the […]

Licence Accidentally Terminated; Interim Granted within 2-Hours - April 2019

This Operator, a Multiple Licence Holder, failed to renew his biggest licence at the 5-years interval thereby causing immediate termination. His fleet was off the road. Simon Clarke was instructed to seek a solution to this very serious and economically catastrophic situation. Simon was able to launch an appeal against […]

Substantial Reduction in Civil Penalties for European Operator - April 2019

This Romanian Operator, represented by Simon Clarke, was the subject of 16 Civil Penalties for Clandestine Entrants found in their trucks at Calais and Coquelles. The Penalties totalled some £68,000. Unfortunately the haulier had collected the penalty notices over time without responding (the circular filing cabinet??), resulting in the loss […]

Failure to Supervise Incompetent Transport Manager Nearly Leads to Loss of Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - April 2019

This Operator was called into a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry owing to a string of prohibitions and an unsatisfactory DVSA visit which indicated a poor maintenance regime and a slovenly attitude to daily defect inspections. At Public Inquiry the Operator was represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer. Whilst it was quite […]

Slapdash Application for Operators Licence Leads to Preliminary Hearing – Licence Granted as Applied for Subject to Undertakings - April 2019

Martin Smith, specialist Transport Law solicitor, represented an applicant for a Standard National Goods Vehicle Operator’s Licence at a Preliminary Hearing. The application, signed by a director, did not contain the details of all of the directors or refer to all of the previous Operator’s Licences held by the group […]

Dishonest Transport Manager Failed to Disclose History to Operator or The Office of The Traffic Commissioner – Operator Keeps Licence at Public Inquiry - April 2019

Specialist Transport Solicitor, Martin Smith, represented an applicant for a Standard International Operator’s Licence at a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry. The proposed Nominated Transport Manager had been less than honest about his previous history – he had failed to declare that he had previously held an Operator’s Licence which had […]

Licence Granted as Applied for at Preliminary Hearing - April 2019

This Operator, who had been granted an interim licence, was called in to a Preliminary Hearing to discuss their Financial Standing. The Operator, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer, was able to show sufficient Financial Standing in a form acceptable to the Traffic Commissioner and the Licence was granted as applied […]

Fraudulent Driver with Two driver Cards Narrowly Avoids Immediate Custodial Sentence - March 2019

This driver, represented in the Crown Court by specialist road transport Barrister Helen Newbold, had managed to obtain two driver cards which he used a number of times over a 6 month period in order to avoid unnecessary tramping. The seriousness of the offences saw him being sent to the […]

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