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Restricted Licence Holder Retains Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - July 2019

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called in after an unsatisfactory Traffic Examiner’s report. The Operator had been purporting to operate under a number of exemptions, had an unimpressive MOT failure rate and a large number of prohibitions including some with “S” […]

No Action Taken Against Transport Manager at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - July 2019

The Transport Manager was called into Public Inquiry where he was represented by Barrister, Harry Bowyer. His company had been subject to an unsatisfactory DVSA inspection and were also before the Traffic Commissioner. The Company had also instructed competent Transport Solicitors and a first rate Transport Consultant and had audited […]

Change of Entity, Use of Unlicensed Driver – Operator Granted New Restricted Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - July 2019

The operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by Barrister, Harry Bowyer, had changed his entity from a partnership to a limited company on the advice of his accountant. He had assumed, incorrectly, that the licence would be transferrable to the new entity. In this he was sadly mistaken […]

PSV Operator Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - July 2019

This operator, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, had a number of difficulties. They had been using an unauthorised operating centre and were suspected of using more vehicles than were covered by their authorisation. The Transport Manager, whilst knowledgeable, had little practical experience and the directors fell far short […]

HGV Driver gets 12 Penalty Points but Keeps Licence. - May 2019

Four LGV excess speed offences in less than 12-months usually means the loss of your licence – indeed the law requires that outcome. Using our knowledge of transport operations, including tramping, we were able to plead Exceptional Hardship to persuade the Magistrates to allow our client to continue driving. At […]

Dutch Customs Truck Seizure – Vehicle Restored - May 2019

This Operator, represented by Simon Clarke, arrived at the Hoek den Holland ferry port hoping to board the Harwich ferry. Unfortunately the Dutch Authorities discovered a number of Clandestine Entrants (Illegals) hidden in the load of machinery. The load was destined for a time-sensitive national event and just had to […]

Large Restricted Licence Operator Keeps Licence After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - May 2019

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, had a number of Restricted Licences in a number of Traffic Areas. The business had grown and those who were thought to be looking after the Transport side of things were not. Inevitably when the business came to […]

100mph Driver Acquitted of Careless Driving receives 3 Penalty Points and a Band A Fine for Speeding - May 2019

SBC Barristers are also members of the Independent Bar, acting through chambers, so that other firms of solicitors might instruct them independently of SBC, taking advantage of the skill set and contacts that the barristers can offer whilst being able to continue to litigate the case themselves. Harry Bowyer was […]

Applicant Allowed to Keep Interim Licence Despite Having no Transport Manager and Insufficient Financial Standing. - May 2019

Specialist Transport Lawyer Martin Smith represented an applicant for a Standard National Licence. His proposed nominated transport manager had been less than honest about his previous history and the money which the director of the applicant company had borrowed to show financial standing had been repaid! After hearing Martin’s submissions […]

Managed Revocation Keeps Operator in The Industry - May 2019

It was plain that the Operator in this case was in difficulties. He and his family were operating three separate companies, each with its own Operator’s Licence. The Companies had become hopelessly enmeshed with each other and it had become obvious to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner that they […]

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