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TfL Private Hire Licence Retained by Driver Following Allegation of Dangerous Driving - September 2021

Written representations were made by Millicent Dooher, barrister, to Transport for London following an allegation of dangerous driving and 15 safety related complaints arising from this driver’s conduct over 3 years. Through the representations that were made, Millicent was able to convince TfL to allow the continuation of this driver’s […]

Licence Allowed to Continue at Traffic Commissioner’s Preliminary Hearing Despite Breach of Undertaking - September 2021

The operator in this matter, represented at the preliminary hearing by barrister Harry Bowyer, had undertaken that her life partner would have nothing to do with the company as he had his own operator licence. Her partner’s business failed owing to the Covid 19 pandemic and he became involved in […]

Operator Loses Two Wheels But Retains Licence after Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - September 2021

This operator, represented by Barrister Helen Newbold, was called to Public Inquiry after losing two wheels from a 3rd axle and failing to demonstrate that they had complied with specific conditions on the licence regarding wheel torque training for all drivers.  Further failings were found in conjunction with PG9’s around […]

Operator Keeps Licence Despite Multiple Tachograph Infringements - September 2021

Transport Solicitor Laura Newton represented a restricted Operator who had been called into Public Inquiry in Leeds due to an unsatisfactory maintenance investigation and a high level of Tachograph Infringements, including hundreds of incidents of driving without a driver card. In preparing the case we were able to assist the […]

MOT Tester’s Authority Restored following DVSA Issuing 5 Year Cessation (Disqualification) - September 2021

Laura Newton was able to secure the return if MOT Authority for our client, an MOT Tester. He approached us having received a decision from DVSA issuing a 5 year Cessation (Disqualification) against his authority as an MOT Tester. The concern had been relating to a security breach on the […]

Existing Operating Centre Hedged with New Conditions and Undertakings as a Result of Representors’ Representations - September 2021

In this case, in a change from the normal position, SBC were instructed by the Representors who were troubled by a national firm who were operating noisily at all hours of the day and night. The representors, or more properly in the case of an existing operating centre “complainers”, made […]

Operating Centre Application Granted Despite Strong Environmental Objections - September 2021

Our client, a major importer and Multiple Licence Holder wanted a second Operating Centre added to one of his licenses so as to shorten unladed journeys and reduce driving time to and from his regular loading site. Thirty-six separate representations and objections were received by the CLO from local residents, […]

£350,000 of UK Road & Bridge Toll Penalties Cancelled for European Client - August 2021

A hiccup with our client’s banking arrangements meant that his standing order to the relevant government agency stopped paying – this meant that he stopped paying bridge tolls. Despite the hiccup not being the fault of our client, he ended-up with several thousand Penalty Notices amounting to over £350,000, with […]

Another Driver Avoids Revocation After Bridge Strike.  - August 2021

Barrister. Helen Newbold, represented this driver at his driver conduct hearing following a bridge strike during which his vehicle became wedged. The Traffic Commissioners’ starting point for such an incident is a revocation of their professional licence and a 6 month disqualification. Conjoined with a hearing for the operator Helen […]

Driver Avoids Disqualification After Bridge strike - August 2021

Helen Newbold, Barrister, represented this driver who was called in front of the Traffic Commissioner following a bridge strike on a Network Rail bridge. The Traffic Commissioners’ starting point for such an incident is a revocation of their professional licence and a 6 month disqualification. Taking the driver through the […]

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