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Traffic Commissioners – Stress balls, Warhammers & Coasters

Like all public servants, Traffic Commissioners are required to report gifts received by them in the course of their office. A brief perusal of the 2013-2014 declarations (the most recent available) makes for interesting reading – perhaps the nature of the gifts tells us something of the recipients, or maybe about what message their benefactors were sending.

The two Ms. Bells were, between them, the most popular beneficiaries, but there was a clear (and meaningful?) distinction between the gifts sent.  Sarah Bell received a couple of very heavy-going books, about urban freight and ‘Travel Demand Management’ and, no doubt to lighten the moment, a pin-up of Seb Coe and Boris. Seb & Boris? Are we missing something here?

Beverley Bell clearly won over more hearts that year – she received flowers and champagne, but no books. Quite what message the “Warhammer toy” was intended to relay however remains unclear.

Joan Aitkin only received one gift that year – Lothian Buses gave her “Coasters” – are we missing something here?

Richard Turfitt on the other hand did very well. He had books (same ones as Sarah Bell) a paperweight and that Seb and Boris pin-up. Woodfines’ donation of a “Stress ball” says much about their time at the Cambridge hearing room.

On a somewhat sadder note, Nick Denton, Nick Jones and Kevin Rooney went home from the party empty-handed that year.

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