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Rule Change for Light Goods Vehicles from 21 May 2022: What you Need to Know.

If you are based in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, from 21 May 2022 you must have a Standard International goods vehicle licence if you transport goods in the EU, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland using vans or other light goods vehicles over 2.5 tonnes and up to 3.5 tonnes for hire or reward.

This applies to vans or other light goods vehicles, vans towing trailers, cars towing trailers. If you already have a goods vehicle operators’ licence, you must add the vehicles to it or you must apply for a goods vehicle operators’ licence for the first time.

You will not need a goods vehicle operators’ licence if you use your vehicles only in the UK or you are not transporting goods commercially.

What do I do if I already have an Operator’s Licence?

You must add the vehicles to the existing licence. You will not need to assign these vehicles to an operating centre.

There is no fee for adding the vehicles to your licence if you have not reached your vehicle limit. If you need to increase your vehicle limit, you will have to pay £257 to make a ‘major variation’ to the licence.

You must still show financial standing. You must be able to show:

  • £8,000 for the first vehicle
  • £4,450 for every additional HGV
  • £800 for every additional van or car and trailer in your fleet.

The Transport Manager will become responsible for all vehicles on your operator’s licence, including the newly added vehicles.


What do I do if I don’t already have an Operator’s Licence?

You will need to apply for a Standard International Operator’s Licence. It costs £257 to apply for a goods vehicle operators licence. If the licence is granted, you must pay £401 for the licence itself.

If you only have vans or cars and trailers, you must have financial standing as follows:

  • £1,600 for the first vehicle in your fleet
  • £800 for every additional vehicle.

You will need to get a transport manager who is responsible for the fleet.

Who can be a Transport Manager when the licence is for vans or cars and trailers only?

There are three options for a transport manager:

  1. An existing member of staff who is not qualified as a transport manager but has managed fleets of vehicles for at least 10 years before 20 August 2020. This person must apply to have their experience recognised, they will then be treated as a temporary transport manager. This must be applied for by 24 May 2024. Any successful person will be recognised as a transport manager until 21 May 2025 by which time they must pass the transport manager CPC.
  2. Employ someone who is a qualified transport manager. You need to ensure they maintain a professional knowledge of the transport industry rules and policies.
  3. Hire an external qualified transport manager. This is not an employee, but there must be a contract that sets out the tasks they shall perform. An external transport manager cannot work for more than 4 vehicle operators (including you) or manage more than 50 vehicles in total across the operators.


What will my drivers have to do?

Drivers will have to carry with them a certified copy of your UK Licence for the Community during any international journeys.  There is no extra fee for a UK Licence in the Community as they are provided as part of the application for a standard international operator’s licence.

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