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Transport Manager with Foreign CPC Retains Professional Competency at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - August 2021

This Transport Manager, represented by Millicent Dooher, was called to Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner following concerns over his professional competence and repute. These concerns were raised where the Transport Manager CPC was completed abroad despite the residency being in the UK and his failure to inform the Traffic […]

Coach Company Keeps Licence, Despite Regulatory Failings, After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - August 2021

This Operator, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, were called into Public Inquiry as a result of a coach being used to carry football fans to a match without complying with the regulations. The same coach was discovered to have a tyre worn down to the canvas. The […]

Preliminary Hearing over in 30 Minutes as Traffic Commissioner’s Concerns Allayed by Documents Submitted Beforehand. - August 2021

This Operator, represented at preliminary hearing by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called into a preliminary hearing as one of his drivers tested positive for cocaine at a roadside stop. The operator had suspended the driver as soon as he knew the nature of the stop and commissioned an audit from […]

“Phoenix” Concerns Dealt with in Less than 30 Minutes at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - July 2021

The operator in this matter, represented at Public inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, was applying for a licence. The business looked very much like a previous business that had gone into liquidation. We were able to show that the assets of the old business had been sold as a pre […]

Penalties Significantly Reduced Due to Border Force Delay in Issuing Penalties - July 2021

Millicent Dooher, barrister, successfully represented this company at a Civil Penalty Appeal hearing following the discovery of Clandestine Entrants on 3 separate occasions. The substantive issue was the excessive amount of time it had taken for Border Force to issue penalties following the discovery of the Clandestine entrants. It had […]

New Operating Centre Approved and Vehicle Authorisation Tripled Despite Objections from Representors and Local Authority - July 2021

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer, wanted to operate from a new operating centre which was accessed down a shared unmade road. The representors lived in a house at the end of the lane and, understandably, did not fancy HGVs thundering down the […]

Last Minute Preparation – Failure to Submit Material by Deadlines – Operator Still Granted Licences. - July 2021

This Operator through a perfect storm of misunderstandings caused by staff holidays, director’s ill health and the Covid 19 Pandemic managed to mislay both the call in letter and the Traffic Commissioner’s Brief. He failed to meet the deadline for sending the material requested in the call in letter. By […]

Immediate Restoration of LGV Entitlements Following Totting up Disqualification - July 2021

  This driver was called to a Driver Conduct Hearing following a totting up disqualification. The Driver was represented by Millicent Dooher, who made an application for this to be heard as soon as possible due to the expiry of the totting up disqualification. The Traffic Commissioner agreed to deal […]

Driver Avoids Jail After Manipulating His Analogue Tachograph Head to Create False Records - July 2021

This driver was before the Crown Court having pleaded guilty to manipulating his analogue tachograph head to create false records. He was represented by Millicent Dooher at the Crown Court who, through both mitigation and submissions on case law persuaded the Judge to suspend the period of imprisonment. These offences […]

Operator Escapes with 7-day Suspension Following ‘Unsatisfactory’ DVSA Investigation - July 2019

This operator was called to a Public Inquiry following an unsatisfactory DVSA visit where problems were flagged up with compliance on this restricted operator’s licence including the discovery of a driver without a CPC. Barrister, Millicent Dooher, represented the Operator at the Public Inquiry and was able to persuade the […]

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