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Operator Granted Interim Licence in Terms Applied for Despite Maintenance Failings. - May 2021

This operator, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, was called into Public Inquiry for the second time in three years. He had two licences in two separate traffic  areas and wanted to consolidate them into one licence by operating from one operating centre in one traffic area. A desk based assessment […]

Unauthorised Operating Centre and Systemic Failings for Company Result in a 14 day  Curtailment of Fleet and Loss of Margin. - May 2021

Barrister Helen Newbold represented this operator who had been using an unauthorised operating centre for several years. After being called into Public Inquiry for this, and a number of non-compliance issues in respect of other licence undertakings, his maintenance regime also became under scrutiny. A catalogue of basic failings was […]

Operator Keeps Repute and Avoids Revocation at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - March 2021

Solicitor, Laura Newton, represented our client, the holder of a Goods Vehicle Operators’ Licence, who was called to Public Inquiry for consideration of Licence revocation. It was accepted that there had been a ‘fronting’ operation although this was not through a dishonest intent. The Operator had attempted to surrender the […]

Operator Given Final Opportunity to Comply and Avoids Revocation at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - March 2021

Our client was called to Public Inquiry, where he was represented by solicitor, Laura Newton, following an unsatisfactory DVSA investigation. Records showed that there had been no improvements despite two DVSA investigations but that the Operator had begun to put things right with the Call to Public Inquiry, with assistance […]

Civil Penalties reduced by 75% - March 2021

Millicent Dooher represented a Driver who had a civil penalty imposed following the discovery of 8 clandestine entrants. Despite the Driver having no documented checks of the vehicle, no vehicle security checklist and no spare security devices, Millicent Dooher was able to put forwards financial representations for the Driver and […]

Drivers not Proceeded with Following Interviews Under Caution - March 2021

Following a DVSA investigation, Millicent Dooher advised and represented 2 drivers at their DVSA interviews under caution. The DVSA officer was persuaded not to take any further action against these drivers. They were not referred to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner nor were they referred for criminal prosecution.

Operator and Driver Faced £12000 of Civil Penalties – All Cancelled on Appeal to the County Court - March 2021

Barrister, Millicent Dooher successfully appealed the civil penalties imposed on this Company and their Driver. 10 clandestine entrants had been discovered in the trailer of the vehicle arriving in the UK. After a contested hearing, the Circuit Judge found that the statutory defence was made out and the penalties, totalling […]

Driver Avoids Jail for Multiple False Records - March 2021

Solicitor Laura Newton represented a HGV driver who was prosecuted for 11 offences of False Records involving removing the Driver Card from the Tachograph in order to disguise excess hours being driven / insufficient breaks. The usual starting point for multiple offences in a custodial sentence of 6-12 months, being […]

Bridge Strike – Driver Spared Revocation - March 2021

Our solicitor, Laura Newton, attended a Driver Conduct Hearing with a driver who had been involved in a bridge strike whilst driving a HGV. The Statutory document indicates that drivers can expect to be called to a hearing with a Licence revocation and 6 month disqualification. In this case, the […]

Operator with Insufficient Management Oversight and “S” Marked Prohibitions Keeps Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - March 2021

This operator, represented at Public Inquiry by barrister Harry Bowyer,  was a UK Company with European directors. One of their trucks was stopped and given an “S” marked prohibition. As a result of the subsequent DVSA investigation it became apparent that the European directors had not been keeping sufficient oversight […]

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