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Using a Mobile Phone at the Wheel – DPP v Ramsey Barretto Judgement
The Appellant in this case was caught using a mobile telephone to film an accident as he was driving past. The High Court held that for the purposes of a prosecution under Section 41D of the Road Traffic Act 1988 and Reg
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Continuation Fees: A Stupid Way to Lose Your Operator’s Licence
Those of you who have glanced at their Operator’s Licence might have noticed that there is a review date five years after the grant of the Licence. In order to continue the licence after that date the Operator must pay
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How Do You Deal with Drivers’ Hours Infringements? – What are Your Obligations as a Transport Manager?
Even in the best run transport business there will inevitably be occasions when drivers cut corners, make mistakes or in some cases deliberately bend the rules. This article looks at the practical processes and procedure
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Driver Conduct Hearings for Bus & Coach Drivers – 5 Things you Need to Know
Being summoned to a driver conduct hearing by the Traffic Commissioner can be a stressful experience for any PSV driver. Very often the first that you will know about it will be when a letter from the Traffic Commissione
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“Does my Tractor Need an Operator’s Licence? How About a Tachograph?” – Your Questions Answered
Does your tractor need an Operator’s Licence? How about a tachograph? How about safety inspections? These are simple questions, but not always easy to answer. Getting it wrong can be expensive for your business and in
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Self Employed Bus & Coach Drivers – A Risky Business
In recent years a great many PSV drivers and operators have run into problems with HMRC over the employment status of bus and coach drivers. HMRC have made it clear that, in their view, it is “very unusual” for a pro
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Summoned to the Traffic Commissioner for Not Maintaining Your PSVs? 5 Awkward Questions You Can Expect to be Asked:
Maintenance failings are perhaps the single most common reason bus and coach operators are called in to Public Inquiry with the Traffic Commissioner. Often it starts with a roadside stop by the DVSA (VOSA) at which one o
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Restricted PSV Licences and Falling Foul of the “Main Occupation” Requirement
The misuse of a Restricted PSV operator’s licence is one of the more common reasons a PSV operator can be called to a Public Inquiry with the Traffic Commissioner. The “main occupation” in particular is very strict
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What Does Offence Code SP30 Mean?
You are introducing a system for checking the licences of your drivers and see code SP30. What does this mean? Is it for exceeding a statutory speed limit on a public road or for exceeding a 30 mph limit in particular? I
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The Prevention of Clandestine Entrants – Installing an Effective System to Avoid Costly Civil Penalties.
Most international hauliers are aware that they may be hit with high Civil Penalties if one of their drivers brings Clandestine Entrants into the United Kingdom. With both the driver and the haulier each facing fines of
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