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Can I Continue To Drive Without a Digital Tachograph Card?
If you are a driver working under EU Rules, all driving must be recorded on a Tachograph. A small number of vehicles are fitted with analogue tachographs, most vehicles are fitted with a digital tachograph. In these vehi
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Bounce Back Loans and The Traffic Commissioner
In several recent Public Inquiries in which we have been involved Traffic Commissioners have shown an unhealthy interest in “Bounce Back” loans taken out by operators at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. These
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National Identifier Reminder for International Licence Holders after 28th September 2021
As of the 28 September 2021 the national identifier for all UK registered vehicles who travel abroad will change. The national identifier is the sticker or emblem placed on the rear of the vehicle which clearly identifie
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5 Ways for Directors and Transport Managers to Stay out of Prison
One of the less obvious perks of being involved in the Transport Industry is quite how easy it is to find yourself in a criminal dock facing charges that could alter your life forever. It is often the case that the direc
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Problems Ahead for Traction Only Operators.
In recent Public Inquiries it has become apparent that the Traffic Commissioners expect more from operators who are picking up third party trailer than a mere driver walk around check. The Guide to Maintaining Roadworthi
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Deadline Approaching for ECMT Permits for 2021
You might need ECMT (European Conference of Minister of Transport) permits for journeys to or through the EU from 1 January 2021 if you are transporting goods or driving an empty vehicle. You need a permit to transp
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MOT Stations to Remain Open Despite National Lockdown
In a memo sent to all MOT Testing Stations this week, DVSA have confirmed that vehicles can continue to be presented for MOT and garages can also remain open for repairs and general services for vehicles. This confirmati
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What Do I do if My Vehicle is Seized by Border Force? How SBC Can Help Recover Your Impounded Vehicle
At Smith Bowyer Clarke Road transport Lawyers, we have a high success rate in securing the release and return of seized trucks and vehicles. If your vehicle has been seized, call our team today on 01332 987420 for free i
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Changes to the Statutory guidance documents for Vocational Drivers and what it may mean for you.
This document was updated on the 29th September 2020. The main changes for drivers are with regards to: Overloading Maintenance Defects Bridge strikes Armed Service Personnel   Powers The powers of the Traffic Commi
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Posted in Driver Conduct Hearings, How to Stay Compliant with the Traffic Commissioner, Public Inquiries |
Remote Public Inquiry Hailed as a Success!
Remote Public Inquiries are being used by Traffic Commissioners to try to plough through the backlog created by the Covid 19 pandemic. Not every case is suitable for such a hearing and Commissioners seem to be cherry pic
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