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National Identifier Reminder for International Licence Holders after 28th September 2021

As of the 28 September 2021 the national identifier for all UK registered vehicles who travel abroad will change.

The national identifier is the sticker or emblem placed on the rear of the vehicle which clearly identifies which country the vehicle is travelling from.  At present vehicles registered in the UK would display a sticker with the letters GB or a number plate which incorporates the letters GB with the stars of the EU Flag or the national flag of England, Scotland or Wales.

Any vehicle which is driven abroad will now be required to change their identifier to “UK”.

This applies to all cars, HGV’s, coaches, and vans – the sticker will need to be clearly visible on the rear of the vehicle.

If the national flag displayed on the number plate is the Union Flag (“Union Jack”) then that is sufficient at present unless travelling to or through Cyprus, Spain or Malta where the UK sticker must be displayed.

Any truck or trailer displaying a GB sticker currently should remove or cover up the sticker with the new UK identifier being clearly visible from the 28 September 2021.

Any derogation from this guidance could lead to fines being incurred whilst abroad.

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