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MOT Stations to Remain Open Despite National Lockdown

In a memo sent to all MOT Testing Stations this week, DVSA have confirmed that vehicles can continue to be presented for MOT and garages can also remain open for repairs and general services for vehicles.

This confirmation is welcome news for garages and motorists alike. MOT Testing stations are advising that they are still working to full capacity trying to clear the backlog from the previous restrictions. The government has also chosen not to issue a second round of extensions.

A reminder has also been issued for HGVs. The DVSA in a statement issued to stated: “The national restrictions do not affect our heavy vehicle testing service and ATFs can remain open.”

“We can continue to provide the vehicle standards assessors needed to test heavy goods vehicles (HGVs) and public service vehicles (PSVs) safely.”

You should only book your vehicle or trailer in for its test close to its MOT due date. This will make sure vehicles and trailers which legally need a test can get one.

You should continue to manage the regular maintenance and inspection schedule for your vehicles and trailers. This is a legal requirement under your operator’s licence.

The issues of availability for ATFs still apply and there is ongoing concern over a shortage of ATF Testers and closures of a number of key sites. In May 2019, a number for certain classes of HGV were removed and the demand has increased.

If you need to check the MOT status and current expiry, there is a free service provided by

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