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Truck Driver Avoids Prosecution for Tachograph Offences

This agency driver was under investigation by the DVSA (VOSA) for suspected tachograph offences. The allegation was that the truck had been driven without a tachograph card being used. The driver had been called to attend an interview under caution with the DVSA.

The driver was able to satisfy the DVSA that any period of driving off card was unintentional, arose from inexperience and a lack of familiarity with the tachograph VU. Very shortly after the interview the driver was informed that no prosecution would take place and the matter could be dealt with by way of a warning letter.

This was an excellent outcome and one that demonstrates the benefits of specialist legal representation for drivers under DVSA investigation.

Case Details

Case Name: Truck Driver Avoids Prosecution for Tachograph Offences
Case Date: July 2018
Case Type (info): DVSA Interview

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