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Tachograph Falsification – HGV Driver Avoids Imprisonment

An HGV driver appeared before the Magistrates Court on suspicion of knowingly making false tachograph records – offences capable of carrying a maximum of two years imprisonment. The driver, who had already admitted the offences to the DVSA officer at the roadside, entered guilty pleas.

In mitigation the advocate was able to demonstrate to the Magistrates that these offences arose from extremely stressful circumstances in the driver’s personal and professional life. He was also able to show that since the incidents, the driver had attended at his own expenses a specialist training course on drivers’ hours and avoiding road transport offences.

After hearing the extensive mitigation put forward, the Magistrates considered that in the circumstances the case could be dealt with by way of a fine only.

Case Details

Case Name: Tachograph Falsification – HGV Driver Avoids Imprisonment
Case Date: November 2017
Case Type (info): Magistrates Court

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