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Scaffolder Keeps Operator’s Licences

A scaffolder, represented by Harry Bowyer, was called into a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry after a stop by the DVSA revealed severe deficiencies in his maintenance and drivers’ hours regimes. He held two restricted licences as he had an operating centre in two different traffic areas. The matter was further complicated by his failure to report his convictions for some road traffic matters. A driver conduct hearing was conjoined to the Public Inquiry.

SBC arranged for an audit of the business by a competent firm of Transport Consultants who then fixed the compliance issues that they found. The Operator took out a contract with a tachograph analysis company.

In light of the improvements demonstrated the licences were allowed to continue subject to undertakings.

Case Details

Case Name: Scaffolder Keeps Operator’s Licences
Case Date: August 2017
Case Type (info):

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