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SBC Helps Operator to Pass Business on to Next Generation

SBC Transport Lawyers were approached by a sole trader operator licence holder. After receiving an unfortunate medical diagnosis, the operator was keen to ensure that the business could be passed on to the next generation and sought advice from SBC on how this may best be effected.

SBC assisted the operator in preparing a new application for an operator’s licence, held as a limited company. A interim licence application was made, long with an application to transfer operating centre. In due course, the applications were granted by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner and the business was able to continue on to the next generation as a limited company holding its own operator’s licence.

Navigating operator licensing rules and requirements can often be a challenge, particularly for those who have personal problems or are not particularly computer literate. It is often wise to seek help from a specialist transport lawyer. They will be able to help you through the process of applying for or varying an O licence as quickly and easily as possible.

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Case Details

Case Name: SBC Helps Operator to Pass Business on to Next Generation
Case Date: November 2018
Case Type (info): Operator Licence Application

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