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Robust Action prior to Call-In Letter Results in Licence Retention

An operator, holding a restricted licence, was represented by Barrister Helen Newbold having been called into a Public Inquiry after a driver stop showed severe lapses in recording both driving time and working time directive duties. After a subsequent visit to the operator by the DVSA it was apparent that these failings were only the tip of the iceberg when the whole maintenance regime was investigated.

Taking action immediately after the DVSA visit the operator undertook a total overhaul of its transport department bringing in specialists and consultants where necessary.

Helen submitted a formal submission to the Traffic Commissioner to assist the company demonstrate all the work that had already been undertaken, and that which was planned, in a clear and structured manner.

This submission, along with Helen’s assistance in taking the Traffic Commissioner through the changes being made, significantly reduced the time required in the Public Inquiry.  By demonstrating clearly that the company could be trusted going forward the only sanction imposed was a short period of suspension. More importantly though, no action was taken against the directors on this occasion.

Case Details

Case Name: Robust Action prior to Call-In Letter Results in Licence Retention
Case Date: March 2019
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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