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Restricted Licence Holder Keeps Licence at Public Inquiry

This operator was called to Public Inquiry in Birmingham before the Traffic Commissioner. A DVSA investigation and a Preliminary Hearing with the Traffic Commissioner had identified a number of quite serious compliance concerns. These included:

  • Whether or not company drivers held the necessary driver CPC qualifications
  • Discrepancies with daily defect reports
  • Numerous instances of drivers driving company vehicles without their tachograph cards in

At the Public Inquiry, the advocate was able to demonstrate that the operator had not been aware of the drivers failing to use their cards, but once confronted with the evidence had taken positive steps to install proper procedures to prevent it ever happening again.

After hearing evidence and submissions, the Traffic Commissioner allowed the operator’s licence to continue with a temporary curtailment of the vehicle authorisation.

Case Details

Case Name: Restricted Licence Holder Keeps Licence at Public Inquiry
Case Date: November 2017
Case Type (info):

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