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Dangerous Driving Acquittal

The Defendant was driving a Porsche 911 and, on his own admission, he was travelling well in excess of the speed limit. He lost control of the vehicle and left the road, crashing into a tree. The vehicle was written off and the defendant suffered serious injuries as neither he nor his passenger were wearing seatbelts. The passenger had minor injuries although emotionally damaging as she was left with scars on her face.

The defendant offered a plea to Careless Driving from the outset but this was rejected by the prosecution. Harry Bowyer appeared for the defendant at the Crown Court trial and at the end of the Prosecution case, having heard that case being tested in cross examination, the Judge acceded to a submission of no case to answer on Dangerous Driving and directed a not guilty verdict from the Jury. The defendant pleaded guilty to Careless Driving and was fined £750 and his licence was endorsed with 5 penalty points.

Case Details

Case Name: Dangerous Driving Acquittal
Case Date: November 2016
Case Type (info):

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