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PSV Operator Retains Licence After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry.

This PSV Operator, represented at Public Inquiry by Barrister Harry Bowyer, ran into difficulties when the two directors had a major falling out resulting in one of them storming out of the business, leaving the remaining partner to pick up the pieces.

Matters were compounded by a rogue driver who damaged his vehicle, attempted to fix it with gaffer tape and, on being stopped by the DVSA and prohibited, demonstrated an impressive array of drivers’ hours infringements.

The Operator, his current transport manager and his previous transport manager were called into Public Inquiry where the issues included; inadequate financial standing. PG9’s, fixed penalty notices, driver convictions,  maintenance issues, monitoring of drivers’ hours and record keeping.

After hearing evidence the Deputy Traffic Commissioner allowed the licence to continue subject to a temporary curtailment and undertakings. The two Transport Managers, also represented by Harry Bowyer, kept their repute although tarnished.

Case Details

Case Name: PSV Operator Retains Licence After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry.
Case Date: January 2019
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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