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PSV Operator Regains Good Repute at Public Inquiry

This case involved a former PSV operator who had lost his operator’s licence and his good repute a number of years ago. Following several years outside the industry, he applied for a new operator’s licence. The Traffic Commissioner called him in to Public Inquiry to provide evidence on how he had now regained his good repute.

The applicant approached SBC to prepare the case and to represent him at the Public Inquiry hearing. At the hearing the advocate was able to address the complex circumstances leading the original loss of repute. He was also able to demonstrate that the applicant had learned from the experience and could now be trusted again to operate PSVs.

After hearing all the evidence and  submissions, the Traffic Commissioner granted the application subject to undertakings.

For more information about Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiries, click here.

Case Details

Case Name: PSV Operator Regains Good Repute at Public Inquiry
Case Date: August 2018
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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