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Phoenix and Fronting Concerns Allayed at Public Inquiry

This applicant company, represented by Harry Bowyer, was heavily linked by name, personel, location and plant to an Operator Licence holding company that had gone into administration in 2015. The sole director of the applicant company is the partner of the director of the old company. It became quite apparent during the preparation of the case that there was no reason why the director of the old company should not be a director of the new company. The old company and the new company had been working side by side for some months at different income producing schemes and after the collapse of the first company the second had continued trading from the same premises, buying some of the plant for value from the liquidator.

The applicant company had never held an operating licence and after a Public Inquiry the Traffic Commissioner was satisfied that this was neither a fronting attempt nor a Phoenix company and allowed the application in full subject to undertakings.

Case Details

Case Name: Phoenix and Fronting Concerns Allayed at Public Inquiry
Case Date: January 2017
Case Type (info):

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