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Operator with Poor Maintenance Compliance Record Keeps Licence after Public Inquiry

This Eastern based haulier, represented by Martin Smith, was called to a Public Inquiry following an unsuccessful DVSA Maintenance Investigation conducted after an application to the Central Licensing Office to increase the authorised number of vehicles on the Operator’s Licence. There were numerous issues which included the quality of the driver daily defect inspections and the absence of sufficient evidence of rectification work. The failure of maintenance providers to properly complete PMI forms and the absence of sufficient meaningful evidence of regular brake testing caused further concern.


The Traffic Commissioner found that the Operator’s repute had been tarnished but not lost. He issued a strongly worded warning and required the Operator to train its drivers to properly carry out daily defect inspections within 14 days. The Operator was given 28 days to engage a new maintenance provider who would carry out roller brake tests.


Whilst the Traffic Commissioner indicated that he could not grant the application for the increase at the hearing due to the issues which had arisen, he accepted a request to hold the application in abeyance for up to three months by which time it was hoped that an audit report would become available confirming that the issues of concern had been properly resolved.

Case Details

Case Name: Operator with Poor Maintenance Compliance Record Keeps Licence after Public Inquiry
Case Date: March 2017
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