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Operator Retains Both Licence and Transport Manager

Barrister Helen Newbold represented two companies, with a common directorship, and one company’s Transport Manager in their recent conjoined Public Inquiry.

 The operator of a Standard International licence was facing the possible revocation of his licence due to the systemic use of an operating centre which had not yet been granted approval. Further the Transport Manager of the company was alleged to be significantly failing to demonstrate the requisite effective and continuous control.

In a tense Public Inquiry Helen Newbold was able to allay the Deputy Traffic Commissioner’s fears in respect of both the Director and the Transport Manager. By demonstrating the actions that had been undertaken prior to the hearing and setting out the steps that were to be taken going forward this young company was shown to be proactively gaining the required knowledge.

 The second company were making an application for their first licence but were called in as a result of the commonality of directorship and concerns over the size of the fleet. An interim application was made to reduce the size of the initial fleet to alleviate concerns.

 Further undertakings proposed by Helen Newbold on behalf of both companies, and accepted by the Deputy Traffic Commissioner, ensured that the companies in question were called to the Public Inquiry holding one licence but left holding two standard international licences.

Case Details

Case Name: Operator Retains Both Licence and Transport Manager
Case Date: May 2018
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