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Operator Keeps Licence Despite Multiple Tachograph Infringements

Transport Solicitor Laura Newton represented a restricted Operator who had been called into Public Inquiry in Leeds due to an unsatisfactory maintenance investigation and a high level of Tachograph Infringements, including hundreds of incidents of driving without a driver card. In preparing the case we were able to assist the Operator to demonstrate that significant changes had been made in the processes and culture within the business. We also assisted with engaging a Transport Consultant to ensure compliance going forward. The Traffic Commissioner was impressed with the evidence presented and noted that usually failings of this level would result in Revocation of the Licence and lengthy Disqualification for the director. However, he was able to make a balanced decision and imposed a very short term cessation of one vehicle, allowing the Operator to continue trading.

Case Details

Case Name: Operator Keeps Licence Despite Multiple Tachograph Infringements
Case Date: September 2021
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