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Operator Keeps Licence and Transport Managers Repute Held in Abeyance

Helen Newbold, barrister, represented both the operator and the transport manager at Public Inquiry. The call-in letter highlighted issues around maintenance records and lack of robust driver defect reporting and training.

Taking both the operator and transport manager through their oral and documentary evidence, Helen was able to demonstrate to the Deputy Traffic Commissioner that significant work had been undertaken to understand failings and to remedy them. Both parties stated that it was very much work in progress and that there was still work to be done to reach the standard that they wanted but the company was moving in the right direction.

Following submissions from Helen, the Deputy Traffic Commissioner acknowledged that work was on going however decided that sanctions could not be avoided. The operator received a 14 day suspension and an undertaking for an audit.

In recognition of the significant work done by the transport manager the Deputy Traffic Commissioner decided to hold any decision on repute in abeyance for a period of two months for changes to be implemented.

Case Details

Case Name: Operator Keeps Licence and Transport Managers Repute Held in Abeyance
Case Date: November 2018
Case Type (info): Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry

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