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Operator Keeps Licence After Suspicions of “Licence Lending”

This Operator was called into Public Inquiry, where he was represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, after a vehicle was stopped whilst wearing this Operator’s disc but being operated by a third party. The Operator had leased a number of  vehicles to a rogue and  had omitted to remove the discs or the vehicles from his licence. The hirer of the vehicle took the opportunity to operate outside his own margin using this Operator’s discs.

The Operator also had problems with his financial standing and monitoring of his drivers’ hours. He was able to demonstrate that he had addressed these problems, engaged a Transport consultant to audit his business and had acted on the audit. He had also completed a two day Transport Manager refresher course.

After hearing evidence and  submissions the Traffic Commissioner accepted that the Operator had acted out of naivety and allowed the licence to continue subject to a curtailment and undertakings.

Case Details

Case Name: Operator Keeps Licence After Suspicions of “Licence Lending”
Case Date: June 2018
Case Type (info): Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry

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