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O Licence Granted to Applicant Despite Patchy Business History

Our client had been the director of a company which had held an operator’s licence. That company had faced a number of bad debts and entered liquidation.

In short order, a new company was established to take over the customers of the business. That new company proceeded to apply for its own operator’s licence, only to find itself called in to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner.

The Traffic Commissioner had concerns over the circumstances of the collapse of the old business and the start of the new business. They key question at hand was whether the applicant had gained an unfair commercial advantage.

At Public Inquiry, the advocate was able to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that no unfair commercial advantage had been obtained, and in fact creditors of the old company continued to be reimbursed on an ongoing basis.

After hearing the evidence, and submissions, the Traffic Commissioner decided to grant the application, subject to undertakings.

This was a positive outcome for our client, and one that should enable his business to grow from strength to strength.

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Case Details

Case Name: O Licence Granted to Applicant Despite Patchy Business History
Case Date: November 2018
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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