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Northern Ireland Haulier Not Guilty in £3m Tachograph Fraud Trial

Following an intensive and long-running DVA investigation, a commercial Operator and a number of his drivers were charged with offences of conspiring to falsify tachograph records. The allegations spanned a period of some 17-years, concerned cross-Europe haulage work and, on the least favourable outcome, would have resulted in a confiscation order of up to £3m and a prison sentence of perhaps 4-6 years.


Whilst this was the sixth such DVA investigation in recent years into these types of allegations, the previous five were all resolved without the need for a trial – on this occasion the allegations and evidence were vigorously challenged; this first-of-a kind trial in Northern Ireland lasted some 4-weeks.


Simon Clarke, barrister and partner in Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers was brought in to defend the case. Instructed by Northern Ireland solicitors and acting through Arkwright Chambers, Simon represented the Operator and, bringing his 20+ years of criminal and Road Transport experience to bear, was able to demonstrate that the evidence relied upon by the DVA was wholly unreliable, inaccurate and incapable of any real credibility. Such was Simon’s effectiveness before the jury that the Judge ruled that there was No Case to Answer and ordered the jury to enter Not Guilty verdicts to all tachograph charges.


Yet again our dedicated, knowledgeable and highly specialist team were able to secure the best outcome for our clients.


NB: Arkwright Chambers consists of specialist barristers at the Independent Bar, able to act for solicitor clients requiring expert and knowledgeable counsel in European and Domestic Road Transport law.

Case Details

Case Name: Northern Ireland Haulier Not Guilty in £3m Tachograph Fraud Trial
Case Date: October 2018
Case Type (info): Crown Court

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