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New Application for Standard International Licence Successful after Public Inquiry

This applicant for a Standard International Licence, represented by Harry Bowyer, was called into Public Inquiry. The directors had associations with previous applications for operators’ licences that had been withdrawn or refused and some of the previous correspondence relating to those applications awoke the suspicions of the Traffic Commissioner.

One of the directors was proposing to act as the Transport Manager and whilst he had passed his CPC he had never held the position of Transport Manager before. The Traffic Commissioner was concerned as to the repute and competence of the company.

On a closer inspection it became apparent that the matters that had awakened the Traffic Commissioner’s concerns were due to clumsy phrasing in the correspondence and an inept attempt to fill in the on line application form for this application.

SBC arranged for a Transport Consultant to set up the systems for the new company covering both maintenance and drivers’ hours and arranged for the directors to attend an Operator’s Licence Awareness Course tailored to their own proposed business.

A large number of applicants for Operators’ licences draw attention to themselves through unfortunate statements or omissions made on the application form. Getting professional help early seems expensive but it is a great deal cheaper than getting it wrong.

Lesson: If you don’t want your application to be called in then reduce the chances by seeking professional help before you submit your application.

SBC can help you with your application. (“An O-licence application is an operator’s first opportunity to demonstrate to the traffic commissioner (TC) that it can be compliant, TC Simon Evans has reminded hauliers.” – Commercial Motor).

We can help arrange professional help in setting up systems to ensure that your business is compliant from the get go and ensure that operators have a thorough understanding of their obligations.



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Case Name: New Application for Standard International Licence Successful after Public Inquiry
Case Date: August 2017
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