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Compliance Systems Installed Prior to Public Inquiry

Simon Clarke represented a materials recycling haulier at Public Inquiry called following a highly unsatisfactory DVSA audit. In short, the audit revealed that the Operator had no compliance, maintenance or forward-planning systems in place and almost zero record-keeping facilities. 

Having been called in at an early stage, Smith Bowyer Clarke were able to advise on the installation of compliant systems and recommend expert consultancy services, so that by the time of the Public Inquiry they were almost fully compliant. The Traffic Commissioner was impressed by the Operator’s approach to the audit and calling-in letter and allowed the licence to continue with only a minor and short-lived sanction.

This is another case demonstrating the importance of calling Smith Bowyer Clarke as soon as trouble is detected – the earlier we are called in the better we can effect repairs and improve the chances at Public Inquiry.

Case Details

Case Name: Compliance Systems Installed Prior to Public Inquiry
Case Date: August 2016
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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