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Phoenix Concerns and Operating Without a Licence – Licence Granted

The Applicant Company, represented at the Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry by Martin Smith, had applied for a Restricted Operator’s Licence but had failed to declare links with a company which had gone into liquidation. It had also been operating vehicles in excess of 3.5 Tonnes without an Operator’s Licence being granted. During the Public Inquiry the director who had signed but not read the Application Form explained to the Traffic Commissioner that mistakes had been made. She also provided evidence that the vehicles in excess of 3.5 Tonnes had been parked up for a significant period of time and that she had done a great deal to ensure that the company would be regulatory compliant going forwards. The Traffic Commissioner granted the application.

Lesson: When the application form asks you to declare links to other licences that you, your Directors or Transport Manager are linked to make sure that you do. Far better to be up front and deal with such connections rather than hope that they do not surface.

Case Details

Case Name: Phoenix Concerns and Operating Without a Licence – Licence Granted
Case Date: September 2017
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