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LEZ Penalties Successfully Cancelled After SBC Involvement

SBC were approached an EU resident who had received a number of London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Penalty Charge Notices after visiting London on holiday. The total cost of these penalties was several thousand pounds.

For a simple fixed fee SBC were able to prepare and submit detailed written representations for Transport for London. After considering these representations, TfL agreed to cancel the penalties in full.

Our client had this to say:

“We are most relieved and delighted and grateful to you for your work. I am sure that they would not have listened to our letters and emails as we had the sensation of being unable to get through to anyone – and any answers we received made no reference to the points we had raised.”

For more information about how we can help challenge London Low Emission Zone Penalties, click here.

Case Details

Case Name: LEZ Penalties Successfully Cancelled After SBC Involvement
Case Date: August 2018
Case Type (info): Low Emission Zone

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