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Haulage Operator Doubles Fleet After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry

This Operator, represented by Harry Bowyer, had applied to vary his licence to allow an increase from three vehicles to six. The DVSA conducted a compliance audit and found a number of failings. This, combined with a history of MOT failures and prohibitions, led to the application being called in to Public Inquiry.

On the advice of Smith Bowyer Clarke, the Operator commissioned his own compliance audit from a reputable Transport Consultant and acted on that advice. By the time he reached Public Inquiry he had replaced his maintenance providers, replaced his transport manager (his Mum!) and completely updated his compliance regime. He was able to show that the business was entirely different to that seen by the DVSA when they came to inspect him and that, going forward, he could be trusted to be compliant.

The variation was allowed with a three week curtailment to mark the regulatory failures and subject to an independent audit six months after the Public Inquiry.

Case Details

Case Name: Haulage Operator Doubles Fleet After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry
Case Date: February 2017
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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