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Fronting Concerns Laid to Rest at Public Inquiry

Two waste-management operators, both represented by SBC, were called in to Public Inquiry with the Traffic Commissioner after “fronting” concerns were raised. It was noticed by the Office of the Traffic Commissioner that the two operators were both based at the same site, and that a number of vehicles and equipment formerly belonging to one had been purchased by the other. In addition, both had appeared before Public Inquiries in the past over similar matters. The real question for the Traffic Commissioner was: were these reality two separate operators, or one?

At the Public Inquiry, held at Eastbourne, SBC were able to demonstrate that, whilst a business relationship did indeed exist between the two operators, it was not a relationship of control and fronting was not taking place. Instead, these were two independent operators engaged in business with each other.

After hearing these submissions, and evidence from the operators themselves, the Traffic Commissioner decided to take no regulatory action against either licence.

Case Details

Case Name: Fronting Concerns Laid to Rest at Public Inquiry
Case Date: November 2017
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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