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Dutch Customs Truck Seizure – Vehicle Restored

This Operator, represented by Simon Clarke, arrived at the Hoek den Holland ferry port hoping to board the Harwich ferry. Unfortunately the Dutch Authorities discovered a number of Clandestine Entrants (Illegals) hidden in the load of machinery. The load was destined for a time-sensitive national event and just had to be there.

Using our Dutch affiliates we were able to secure the release of the cargo in record time, thereby enabling the national event to proceed without interruption.

Smith Bowyer Clarke are experts in recovering seized vehicles and loads in time-sensitive situations. Using our network of European affiliates we can quickly engage with European authorities to secure the best outcome for hauliers and cargo owners.


Case Details

Case Name: Dutch Customs Truck Seizure – Vehicle Restored
Case Date: May 2019
Case Type (info): Impounding

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