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Drivers Cleared of Using Magnets on Their Tachographs

Two Polish HGV drivers working for the same company, both represented by Harry Bowyer, were stopped by the DVSA. The DVSA suspected from anomalies on the tachograph readouts that the drivers had been using magnets on their tachographs. Both drivers were adamant that they had not. SBC instructed a leading tachograph expert to examine the suspect data. This expert came to the conclusion that the anomalies were likely to have been caused by the different way that Stoneridge tachographs record their speed data (as opposed to Siemens tachographs) rather than deliberate magnetic interference. The expert evidence was served on the prosecution who then withdrew the charges.

Case Details

Case Name: Drivers Cleared of Using Magnets on Their Tachographs
Case Date: July 2017
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