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PSV Operator Gets House in Order Prior to Public Inquiry

This PSV operator was called to a Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry following two distinct DVSA investigations into his PSV operators’ licence. These investigations revealed among other things that:

  1. a photocopied operator disc had been used
  2. public bus service routes had not been keeping to their prescribed timetables
  3. a passenger carrying vehicle had been used to transport hazardous materials
  4. brake testing records were missing.

Given the seriousness of the issues identified, the operator was advised on the urgent steps that needed to be taken in advance of the Public Inquiry. Extensive files were prepared containing all the necessary documents and were provided to the Traffic Commissioner in advance of the hearing.

At the hearing the advocate was able to demonstrate to the Traffic Commissioner that many of the most serious regulatory breaches took place without the knowledge of the Operator, and that significant steps had been taken to improve the situation in advance of the Inquiry. The operator was also able to offer undertakings to conduct future compliance audits.

On hearing the submissions made on behalf of the operator, and whilst acknowledging the serious breaches that had occurred in the past, the Traffic Commissioner decided not to take regulatory action against the operator.


Case Details

Case Name: PSV Operator Gets House in Order Prior to Public Inquiry
Case Date: September 2016
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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