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“Good Repute” Demonstrated at Public Inquiry

The Operator in this case had previously been disqualified for 2 years in 2012 following a Public Inquiry in front of The Traffic Commissioner.

He wished to re enter  the industry and set up a new business entirely divorced from that which led to his disqualification. Despite proper systems having been set up to provide audit trails for both his maintenance and drivers’ hours regimes, the Traffic Commissioner called the Operator to Public Inquiry.  The question for the Traffic Commissioner was whether or not the Operator was of good repute.

Following Public Inquiry the application for the new licence was granted, with an undertaking that an audit be conducted within 6 months to show continued compliance.

Case Details

Case Name: “Good Repute” Demonstrated at Public Inquiry
Case Date: July 2016
Case Type (info): Public Inquiry

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