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Company with 41.83% overload escapes with a £1500 fine

This company, represented at the Magistrates court by barrister, Millicent Dooher, had been stopped by the DVSA and found to have a 30.86% overload on the vehicle and 41.83% overload on the second axel. The sentence for an overload is a level 5 fine (unlimited). The fine is calculated for the first 10%, and subsequently, every 1% overload is 10% of the set fine. This can cause the fines to be in the tens of thousands.

Millicent was able to persuade the Magistrates that this Company would not reoffend and that the penalty should be looked at proportionally and in totality. The Magistrates’ agreed, and imposed a total fine of £1500, well below the guidelines starting point.

Case Details

Case Name: Company with 41.83% overload escapes with a £1500 fine
Case Date: November 2021
Case Type (info): Magistrates Court

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