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Civil Penalties Reduced by £9000 and Costs Awarded in Full

Millicent Dooher, barrister, represented this European Haulier at the Civil Penalty Appeal hearing before the Circuit bench. Having had 9 clandestine entrants found within the vehicle by Border Force, penalties totalling almost £20,000 were levied against the Company and Driver.

Both Company and Driver appealed on the level of these penalties being too high. It was accepted by the Company that they did not meet the statutory defence of having an effective system in operation on the day,

The Court agreed with the submissions made by Millicent Dooher and reduced the penalties by almost half. In addition, the Court ordered the Respondent pay the full legal costs of the Company and Driver for having to bring the appeal.

Case Details

Case Name: Civil Penalties Reduced by £9000 and Costs Awarded in Full
Case Date: November 2021
Case Type (info): Civil Penalties

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