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Card Pulling Driver avoids Custodial Sentence

Barrister, Helen Newbold, represented a driver who had been committed to Crown Court for sentencing after pleading guilty to ‘pulling’ a his drivers card on a significant number of occasions. Despite his early guilty plea the driver was facing a possible prison sentence of up to 2 years due to the number of offences. Helen guided the court through the drivers use of the mode switch on the tachograph on each of his runs and was able to demonstrate that the reported hours driven without a card were not as horrifying  as they first appeared. Mitigation could not avoid the dishonesty of the driver but the court were persuaded to impose a community order rather than custody in this instance.

Case Details

Case Name: Card Pulling Driver avoids Custodial Sentence
Case Date: October 2018
Case Type (info): Crown Court

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