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Bus Driver Gets Licence Back in face of DVLA Medical Holdups

A bus driver, represented by SBC, is back driving after overcoming serious holdups on the part of the DVLA Medical department.

The bus driver had initially lost his entitlements following a serious medical incident a number of years ago. After making a full recovery, he had applied to the DVLA to recover his full Passenger Carrying Vehicle (PCV) driving entitlements.

This application involved spending a significant sum on private medical examinations, all of which he passed. However, substantial delays on the part of the DVLA in processing his application, meant that, by the time his application was considered, his medical tests were out of date. At this point, the driver sought legal help.

After much detailed correspondence with the DVLA, SBC was able to secure for the driver a new application, with the costs of the driver’s up-to-date medical examinations being met by the DVLA themselves. The bus driver is now back on the road.

Case Details

Case Name: Bus Driver Gets Licence Back in face of DVLA Medical Holdups
Case Date: February 2017
Case Type (info): DVLA Medical

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