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Can I Continue To Drive Without a Digital Tachograph Card?

If you are a driver working under EU Rules, all driving must be recorded on a Tachograph. A small number of vehicles are fitted with analogue tachographs, most vehicles are fitted with a digital tachograph. In these vehicles, you must use your Digital Tachograph to record all driving, other work and rest.

Digital Tachograph Cards expire five years after issue. It is important to renew in time to avoid any disruption to your driving. All drivers should ensure that their address is properly registered with DVLA, reminders notices will usually be sent 12 weeks before expiry giving plenty of time to renew.

Driver Cards can be renewed using DVLA forms D786B or D777B. The old card must not be returned with the application, as it will be needed to continue driving and kept for a period of 28 days after the new card comes into use. You must not interchange the cards to make records.

In order to be renewed in time, DVLA suggest a minimum of 15 days’ between expiry of the old card, and the application and fee being received. The target is to send a new card out within 5 days of receiving the application.

If your Driver Card is lost, stolen or malfunctioning, you are obliged to report this to DVLA immediately on 0300 790 6109. Drivers should apply for a new card within 7 days of losing the card, but best advice is to apply immediately. In the meantime, whilst waiting for new card, you can continue driving for a maximum of 15 days. During this period, you must produce two daily print outs at the start and end of the shift. You should take advice directly from the Company Transport Manager to ensure that you remain compliant and that they are aware of your situation.


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