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Called into a Public Inquiry in Birmingham?

The Office of the Traffic Commissioner

38 George Road
B15 1PL
United Kingdom

SBC barristers and solicitors specialise in defending Operators, Directors and Transport Managers called in to Public Inquiry in the West Midlands Traffic Area


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You can find a selection of our recent Public Inquiry cases here.


What Can We Do?

Once instructed we can:

  • Meet with you at your operating centre or home address to review the evidence and to take your instructions
  • Ensure that you have proper regulatory compliance systems in place prior to the Inquiry
  • Guide you through the process and identify what steps you need to take to ensure that on the day the strongest possible arguments can be put forwards
  • Represent you at your Public Inquiry hearing at Edgbaston to present your evidence and put forward legal arguments on your behalf.



What is a Public Inquiry?

A Public Inquiry is a type of disciplinary hearing see our Public Inquiry page here.




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