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Being Interviewed by the DVSA (VOSA) can be a Sharp Wake-up Call – Don’t Ignore It!


Every year, thousands of operators are interviewed under caution by the DVSA (formerly VOSA). This often follows a compliance investigation at their premises. The evidence gathered at these interviews is recorded, and can be used as evidence in a future criminal prosecution. It can also be used at a Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner.


In short, operators who underestimate the importance of their DVSA interview and fail to prepare properly, do so at their peril.


If you are an operator, in most cases the letter inviting you to interview will contain very little information. You are unlikely to be told in detail what questions you will be asked, and what evidence the DVSA have against you. This does not mean, however, that you have to “go in blind”.


The first step should be to speak to a transport lawyer. They can contact the DVSA officer on your behalf, and seek more information and evidence as to the case against you. They can also advise you on the documentation that should be gathered and prepared in advance of the interview. Finally, they can be present in your interview itself, and can advise you how it should be conducted.


For many operators, an invitation to attend DVSA interview can be a sharp wake-up call that all may not be well within the business. It is essential that you heed these warning signs. Our transport lawyers can help you work out what has gone wrong, and help you put it right as soon as possible. At Public Inquiry, the Traffic Commissioner is unlikely to look favourably upon an operator who was put on notice that compliance problems existed, and yet did nothing to fix them until he was called in to a Public Inquiry


At Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers, we specialise in representing operators, transport managers and drivers at DVSA interviews, Public Inquiries and Driver Conduct Hearings, Our solicitors and barristers are also experts at defending operators, transport managers and drivers prosecuted by the police or DVSA before the  criminal courts.


We operate a fixed fees system for Operators and Drivers. For more information speak to one of our lawyers today.


For more information about DVSA interviews, read: “Being Interviewed by the DVSA – 5 Things you Need to Know” .

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