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Traffic Commissioners – Stress balls, Warhammers & Coasters

Like all public servants, Traffic Commissioners are required to report gifts received by them in the course of their office. A brief perusal of the 2013-2014 declarations (the most recent available) makes for interesting reading – perhaps the nature of the gifts tells us something of the recipients, or maybe […]

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The Dangers of Delegating – Operators, Transport Managers, and “Passing the Buck”

As an operator, it’s easy to think you can leave the running of your operators’ licence in the hands of your Transport Manager. After all you might ask, isn’t that what they get paid for? If it all goes wrong, surely it will be them taking the blame, not you? […]

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Truck Impounded in the UK? Make Sure You Know The 4 Ways You Can Get it Back

  Having a truck seized in the UK can be a nightmare for any operator. It’s even worse if your business is based outside the UK. Simply finding out why it has been seized, where it’s being kept, and what your options re can be an uphill struggle.   In […]

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