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Operating Centres, Public Inquiries and the Traffic Commissioner

  Let’s face it, few people like living next to an Operating Centre. Whether you run a single truck or a fleet of 200 lorries, you can expect resistance from local residents. Typical complaints include: Vehicle noise Road congestion Damage to verges Dust Mud left on roads Entrance and exit […]

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Death by HGV

  Most HGV drivers don’t realise how close to a prison sentence they are merely by opening the door to their cab. A moment’s distraction whilst fiddling with a mobile phone, tachograph or radio could mean disaster for both the driver and others.  It is also not uncommon for an operator […]

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Driver Conduct Hearings: 7 Frequently Asked Questions

  Every day across Britain, a small number of truck and bus drivers will find letters on their doormats from the Traffic Commissioner calling them to attend a driver conduct hearing. To some it will be expected, to others it will come as a complete surprise. Whatever the circumstances, it […]

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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Lose Your Operators’ Licence

  Did you know that it’s really easy to lose your operators’ licence? One of the simplest ways is to fail to keep the Traffic Commissioner up to date with any changes that could affect your licence.   Here are 5 quick and easy ways to have it taken off […]

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Lives and Loads Put at Risk by a Simple Lack of Lorry Parking

  A severe shortage of lorry parking in the UK is placing the lives of lorry drivers and the public at risk, and making it easier than ever for thefts from lorries to occur.   Consider the position of a long-distance lorry driver: after driving your load for hours you […]

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Traffic Commissioners’ Public Inquiries – 7 Frequently Asked Questions

  Operating a business involving HGVs or PSVs is a daunting task. Outside of the Aviation and Nuclear Industries, our Industry is one of the most tightly-regulated there is.   Even the most careful Operator can find themselves on the receiving end of a poor DVSA compliance audit. This might be […]

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What is VOL (Vehicle Operator Licensing) and what do I need to do?

  Vehicle Operator Licensing (VOL) is a new online system which has been designed to replace Operator Licence Self Service. Once the new system has been made available it will be possible to make applications, upload documents such as bank statements, amend details and provide information about changes online. In […]

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What does “Using” a Phone at the Wheel Actually Mean? – You May be Surprised!

  The tragic death of a mother and her three children, crushed by lorry driver Tomasz Kroker, has rightly raised the subject of phone use behind the wheel to the public’s attention. Kroker, sentenced to 10 years for causing death by dangerous driving, admitted in court to changing the music […]

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