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Operator Granted Licence After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry Despite Operating Without a Licence and Using the Margin of Another Operator. - February 2019

The Operator, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, was running two companies when he decided to close one down. He closed down the company with the Operator’s Licence and continued to operate until one of his vehicles was stopped, thinking that the licence was still open to him to […]

Operator Requests Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry To Retain Licence - January 2019

Barrister Helen Newbold represented this Operator, who had been advised by the Office of the traffic Commissioner that their licence was being considered for revocation following a DVSA maintenance investigation. A Public Inquiry was requested so that the operator could have the opportunity to address the Traffic Commissioner on the […]

Driver facing disqualification for totting receives 6 points and keeps licence - January 2019

This HGV driver, represented by barrister Helen Newbold, was facing a mandatory 18 points for four driving related offences. With the loss of his licence and his employment a very real possibility he took the right decision to get representation from a road transport specialist. After taking advice from Helen […]

Penalty for Clandestine Entrants Reduced by £15,800.00 - January 2019

Martin Smith was instructed by a European haulier to object to penalties imposed for bringing clandestine entrants into the United Kingdom. The civil penalties were reduced by £15,800.00.

Bad Legal Advice Leads to Unlawful Undertakings, Allegations of Fronting and Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - January 2019

This Operator, represented by Simon Clarke, had used a Transport Consultant to apply for their Operator’s Licence and in doing so had been advised to accept undertakings which had no grounding in law and severely limited the way in which the operation could be run.  This state of affairs only […]

PSV Operator Retains Licence After Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry. - January 2019

This PSV Operator, represented at Public Inquiry by Barrister Harry Bowyer, ran into difficulties when the two directors had a major falling out resulting in one of them storming out of the business, leaving the remaining partner to pick up the pieces. Matters were compounded by a rogue driver who […]

A “Fine outcome” for Falsification of Driver Record - January 2019

Barrister Helen Newbold represented this HGV driver in the Magistrates’ court. By removing one of the analogue discs recording a tramping journey he had deliberately made a false record, an offence which carries an unlimited fine. After taking advice, the driver decided to plead guilty at the first opportunity. This […]

Appeal to the Crown Court: Cannabis Smoking Truck Driver Keeps Licence. - January 2019

This driver, represented in the Crown Court by Barrister Harry Bowyer (SBC did not act in the Magistrates’ Court), wanted to appeal his disqualification for Drug Driving. He had given a lift to a friend who had offered him roll up cigarettes on their journey down south. The driver accepted […]

Variation Granted at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry Despite Resistance from Representors - December 2018

This Operator, represented by Barrister Harry Bowyer at Public Inquiry, wanted to increase his vehicle authorisation from 2 to 5. His operating centre was based in a small village where two relatively recent residents had taken exception to a long established operating centre. As a result of these representations a […]

Operator’s Licence Granted After Legal Entity Questions Answered Satisfactorily at Preliminary Hearing - December 2018

This operator, represented by Barrister Helen Newbold, was called into the Office of the Traffic Commissioner for a preliminary hearing on their application for an Operator’s Licence. The operator had recently merged two companies, who were operating as sole traders, into a single limited company. When applying for a new […]

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