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Driving Licence Sanctions Avoided after Frank Driver Conduct Hearing - April 2018

A self employed driver, represented by Barrister Helen Newbold, avoided receiving any sanctions on his driving licence at a recent driver conduct hearing. It was alleged that the driver had previously failed to cooperate fully with the DVSA at an interview and failed to attend an earlier Public Inquiry. After […]

PSV Operator Retains Licence at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - April 2018

This Operator, represented by barrister Harry Bowyer, at Public Inquiry triggered a visit from the DVSA when he applied to increase the number of vehicles on his licence. That report raised a number of questions about his maintenance regime, retention of documents and the competence of the Transport Manager. SBC […]

Yet Another Seized Load Released after SBC Became Involved - March 2018

We can do no better than quote our client’s review: “Smith Bowyer Clarke assisted us to recover goods seized by the Border Force in Dover. The equipment had been seized more than 2 weeks before we approached SBC for assistance and we had not made any progress during that time. […]

Operator’s Licence Granted at Public Inquiry - March 2018

Martin Smith, Road Transport Lawyer, represented the applicant company at a Public Inquiry in connection with an application for a Standard International Operator’s Licence. Martin was able to address a number of concerns which the Traffic Commissioner had raised and in those circumstances the application was granted with a single […]

‘Ghosting‘ Driver Avoids Custody - March 2018

Barrister Helen Newbold represented this HGV driver in the Magistrates’ Court where he faced charges relating to using two driver cards. Both cards were in the name of the driver and he acknowledged that he knew he had used both of the cards to extend his daily driving hours on […]

HGV Driver Regains His Vocational Licence At Driver Conduct Hearing - March 2018

Barrister Helen Newbold was instructed to represent a driver in his application to regain his LGV licence after an unhappy history of road traffic offences. In order to satisfy the Traffic Commissioner that he could trust the driver not to commit similar offences in the future, Helen Newbold was able […]

Number of Driver’s Hours Offences Reduced by Half in Magistrates’ Court - March 2018

This HGV driver, represented by barrister Helen Newbold, had been summonsed to the Magistrates’ Court charged with 9 driver’s hours offences.   Helen Newbold was able to negotiate with the Prosecution to reduce the number of charges to 4, fewer than half those initially charged.  The HGV driver had admitted the […]

Problems With Financial Standing Resolved At Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - March 2018

The Operator in this matter, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, brought themselves to the attention of the Traffic Commissioner when they applied for a variation for an extra vehicle. The Office of the Traffic Commissioner was concerned as to whether the Operator could meet the Financial Standing requirements […]

No Action Taken Against Operator or Transport Manager at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - February 2018

Martin Smith represented a haulage Operator at a Public Inquiry. The Operator had been carrying out in-house maintenance and a DVSA maintenance investigation had concluded that the arrangements were unsatisfactory. The Operator’s first time MOT pass rate was very low. The Traffic Commissioner also had concerns with regard to the […]

Another Seized Truck Recovered - February 2018

Our client, a major Dutch haulier, had their truck seized for alleged breach of the cabotage regulations. Because only the ‘owner’ of a seized vehicle can apply for its return, Simon Clarke was instructed by a major international finance house to recover the vehicle. Having considered Simon’s written arguments, the […]

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