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Impounded Truck Released after UK Customs Seizure - June 2018

A Bulgarian haulier approached Smith Bowyer Clarke after one of their trucks was stopped by UK customs at Coquelles, on the basis that the haulier’s paperwork was not in order. As a result the truck, trailer and load were all seized and impounded under s139 of the Customs and Excise […]

Truck and Trailer Released by UK Border Force After SBC Involvement - June 2018

A major European haulier, represented by transport lawyer Chris Powell, sought help from SBC after UK customs officers seized a truck and trailer unit. A large amount of tobacco had been found in the trailer unit by UK Border Force officers and both had been seized and detained in the […]

Oversized Load HGV Driver Keeps Licence following Careless Driving Charge - May 2018

The driver of an oversized load, represented at the Magistrates’ Court by barrister Helen Newbold, had been charged with careless driving, failing to stop and failing to report following an accident with a vehicle on a dual carriageway. The driver thought that he had suffered a tyre blow out on […]

Operator Retains Both Licence and Transport Manager - May 2018

Barrister Helen Newbold represented two companies, with a common directorship, and one company’s Transport Manager in their recent conjoined Public Inquiry.  The operator of a Standard International licence was facing the possible revocation of his licence due to the systemic use of an operating centre which had not yet been […]

Traffic Commissioner’s Concerns Allayed at Public Inquiry - May 2018

Martin Smith represented an applicant for a Standard National Operator’s Licence at a Public Inquiry before the Traffic Commissioner. The sole director of the applicant company was also the proposed nominated transport manager. In addition, he was also the nominated transport manager on three other licences. The Traffic Commissioner had […]

PSV Operator Keeps Licence at Public Inquiry - May 2018

This PSV Operator, represented by Chris Powell, had been called to a Preliminary Hearing with the Traffic Commissioner. A visit from the DVSA (VOSA) had found that he had changed his business from a sole trader to a limited company. Unfortunately, he had not first obtained an operator’s licence in […]

Impounded Truck Released following Cabotage Offences - May 2018

Road Transport lawyer Chris Powell of SBC was approached by a large European finance house after one of their trucks was impounded in the UK. The UK authorities had evidence that the truck had been operated in the UK in breach of the cabotage regulations. The finance house was the […]

HGV Driver Found Not Guilty of Mobile Phone Offence - May 2018

An HGV driver was summonsed to the Magistrates Court after a police officer alleged that he had been seen using a mobile phone behind the wheel. The HGV driver denied the offence and instructed Chris Powell of Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers to defend him at trial. If found […]

Waste Operator Keeps Licence following Tachograph Offences - May 2018

A large waste operator, represented by transport solicitor Chris Powell, was called to Public Inquiry by the Traffic Commissioner. A roadside stop by the DVSA had revealed a large number of tachograph offences committed by drivers of the business. Further investigations by the DVSA identified a lack of proper tachograph […]

Company Facing Unlimited Fine for Overloading Vehicle by 84% – Fine Substantially Lower than Expected - May 2018

Barrister, Helen Newbold, appeared in the Magistrates’ Court representing a company facing unlimited fine for a serious overloading offence committed by one of its drivers.  A DVSA traffic examiner told the court that this was one of the worst overloading offences he had witnessed. Helen Newbold defined the nature and […]

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