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£22,500 worth of London Low Emission Zone Penalties Cancelled - October 2018

This large European haulier had incurred £22,500 in London Low Emission Zone penalties. These fines had been incurred after trucks belonging the company had been operated in the Low Emission Zone over several weeks. UK transport lawyer Chris Powell, of Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers was contacted. Chris Powell […]

More Restricted Licence Problems – Operator Keeps Licence “By skin of his teeth!” - October 2018

An Operator with a Restricted Licence, represented at Public Inquiry by Harry Bowyer, had not been paying sufficient attention to the transport side of his business. His 7.5 tonne truck was stopped in June with no operator’s disc, it was not specified on the licence and its MOT had run […]

Causing Serious Injury by Dangerous Driving – Driver Escapes Immediate Custody - September 2018

SBC Barristers are also members of the Independent Bar, acting through chambers, so that other firms of solicitors might instruct them independently of SBC, taking advantage of the skill set and contacts that the barristers can offer whilst being able to continue to litigate the case themselves. Harry Bowyer was […]

Clandestine Entrant Penalties Slashed after Representations - Sept 2018

A European haulier approached Smith Bowyer Clarke after receiving UK Border Force penalties totalling many thousand pounds. The penalties were issued after illegal immigrants were found hidden in a trailer towed by one of the operator’s trucks. Transport lawyer Chris Powell took the case and challenged the penalties on behalf […]

Seized Truck Recovered After Drugs Found in Trailer - Sept 2018

An Eastern European haulier approached SBC after their truck and trailer was seized and impounded by the UK Border Force. A large quantity of illegal drugs had been found in the trailer. The haulier had been unaware of their existence. Transport lawyer Chris Powell was able to quickly arrange the […]

Clandestine Entrant Penalty Reduced from £4,000 down to just £140 after SBC Involvement - Sept 2018

A large European haulier faced Border Force penalties totalling £4,000 after illegal immigrants were discovered in one of their vehicles. The driver and haulier had been totally unaware that the clandestine entrants had gained access to the vehicle. This is a common problem for hauliers entering the UK through Calais. […]

Fronting Suspicions Allayed at Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry - September 2018

Specialist Transport Lawyer Martin Smith represented a haulage company at a Public Inquiry on an application for a Standard National Operator’s Licence. The Traffic Commissioner had concerns that the applicant was a front for another business and that false evidence had been submitted. After hearing evidence and submissions made by […]

PSV Operator Regains Good Repute at Public Inquiry - August 2018

This case involved a former PSV operator who had lost his operator’s licence and his good repute a number of years ago. Following several years outside the industry, he applied for a new operator’s licence. The Traffic Commissioner called him in to Public Inquiry to provide evidence on how he […]

£216,000 of London LEZ Penalties Cancelled after SBC Representations - August 2018

A European haulier had been issued with 216 separate London Low Emission Zone penalties covering a period of a little over a year. The total value of the penalties stood at £216,000. Transport solicitor Chris Powell of Smith Bowyer Clarke Road Transport Lawyers took the case and immediately advanced detailed […]

LEZ Penalties Successfully Cancelled After SBC Involvement - August 2018

SBC were approached an EU resident who had received a number of London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) Penalty Charge Notices after visiting London on holiday. The total cost of these penalties was several thousand pounds. For a simple fixed fee, transport lawyer Chris Powell was able to prepare and submit […]

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